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About Assertive Community Treatment

The primary goal of ACT is mental health recovery through community-based treatment. ACT provides rehabilitation and support to individuals living with a serious and persistent mental illness.
What is ACT?
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a service delivery model with a team-based approach. The team provides community-based therapeutic services to individuals with a persistent mental illness that challenges their life.
Who is ACT Treatment Designed for?
Assertive Community Treatment is designed for people who have a serious and persistent mental illness and are in need of intensive mental health services. These individuals often have difficulty taking care of their own basic needs, protecting themselves, staying safe, maintaining adequate housing, and/or staying employed. Individuals challenged by a serious mental illness are often vulnerable to homelessness, abuse of alcohol and /or drugs, and legal problems. They may be in need of intensive services and supports for positive outcomes.
How is ACT different?

Team Approach:

An ACT Team consists of a group of 8 to 12 members who work as a team. Team members include psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, mental health practitioners, employment specialists, and substance abuse specialists. Teams may also include an individual with a mental illness or a family member of an individual with a mental illness as a specialist.

Continuous Care:
Consumers work with the team members who have the best skills available to help them reach their goals. With ACT services, individuals avoid “breaking in” new providers. Over time, consumers get to know and work with all team staff. In turn, the entire team staff will get to know all the consumers on the team.

Personalized Care:
An ACT Team works with a relatively small number of consumers, thus providing personalized care and as much support as needed.

Flexible Support Where and When It Is Needed:
ACT services are designed for any community setting. The services are delivered in the places or situations where problems arise rather than being limited to office or clinical settings. ACT teams offer flexible and responsive availability, including after-hours crisis management.

The ACT Team works closely with each consumer to determine which medications are most effective. If a medication isn’t working or is causing side effects, the ACT Team can work quickly with the individual to make any necessary adjustments. The team can also assist with medication administration.

Family Involvement:
The ACT Team respects the wishes of the consumer when it comes to involving the family in treatment. The team can offer family support and education, in order to foster a better understanding of mental illness and the recovery process. Collaboration with families can be helpful in maintaining relationships.

Rehabilitation Services
Counseling and psychotherapy are an important part of the recovery work of ACT consumer team members. Individuals’ goals are an integral part of their rehabilitation services.

Illness management and recovery (IMR) skills assist consumers in recognizing the symptoms of the mental illness they experience. The factors that may trigger the onset of an individual’s symptoms are explored. Another focus of IMR includes identifying warning signs, and relapse prevention planning. Problem-solving, goal-setting, and stress management skills are other key parts

Rehabilitation & Support Services
Includes the following:
Daily Activities Relationships
Family Life Financial Management
Primary Health Community Living Skills
Employment Substance Abuse
Medication Support Social Skills and Interaction


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