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Outpatient Psychotherapy
  It’s a natural desire, when facing challenges in our lives, to seek the support of a caring human being.

Counseling—when people meet to talk about the problems they are facing, to seek guidance and to grow from each other’s wisdom and experience—has been a part of humanity for thousands of years.

At Northern Pines Mental Health Center, Inc., it is our goal to help you help yourself through difficult times by means of individual counseling, couples counseling, group therapy, in-home family therapy, medication management, day treatment/rehabilitative services and other appropriate programs.
Everyone: People from all walks and phases of life. A usually well-adjusted person may face an overwhelming overload of problems; a once happy marriage may deteriorate into a situation causing anxiety and depression; children may present challenges to parents’ discipline and the happiness of the household; an individual may need ongoing assistance for a chronic, disabling psychological disorder. Anyone can experience the distress of changing roles and meaning as we age. Painful memories and beliefs that persist from childhood may affect our well-being as adults; problems with substance abuse may intrude upon the lives of individuals and families.

Whether individual, couples, or group, counseling provides the individual an opportunity to explore problems, visualize desired goals, and work on changes in ways of thinking, reacting, and behaving that will bring about the resolution of problems and allow comfort, growth, and meaningfulness in life.

In many cases, a person who is well motivated to change can obtain the help needed from a therapist in just a few visits; in other cases, additional sessions are required.

A fee schedule is available upon request, by calling any Northern Pines MHC office listed on the back of this brochure.

Counseling fees are covered, in whole or part, by Medical Assistance, Medicare, and most health insurance plans. Northern Pines MHC will be responsible for billing your insurance plan or other third party payer; you will, however, be responsible for any co-payments required by your insurance at the time of service. For those persons paying from their own resources, a sliding
Our therapists are trained, state qualified and licensed professionals, including: psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed independent clinical social workers, licensed marriage & family therapists, clinical nurse specialist, and other therapists.
Are my sessions confidential
Records kept by Northern Pines MHC are confidential and in compliance with government (HIPPA) data privacy regulations. Information is released to others only with your permission (adults), and also in accord with state and federal laws governing such records.
What happens when I call for an appointment
When you call any of the offices of Northern Pines MHC to arrange a counseling appointment, the receptionist will ask for some brief information about you that will help us select a therapist whose skills and experience will best match your needs. Then you and the receptionist will determine a time and date for your first appointment. You will be mailed some informational forms to be completed and brought in at the time of your appointment, or you will be asked to come in early to complete this paperwork.

During your first appointment, you and your therapist will focus upon a good description of your issues, situation, and personal history. From this interview, the two of you will design a plan that lists your main problems, your reasonable goals, and the therapy activities that will help you to achieve them, growing toward the person you have dreamed of being.
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Northern Pines is an integrated system of services committed to individuals, families and communities. We are dedicated to providing appropriate clinical mental health care along with preventative, educational and supportive programs throughout Central Minnesota.

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